Prolexitim is a toolbox designed for the early evaluation and treatment of alexithymia

Alexithymia is a psychological construct that is usually defined as the difficulty in recognizing and identifying emotions (both one’s own emotions and other people’s emotions). This problem is present in 10% of the general population (non-clinical), reaching a prevalence over 60% in certain clinical populations (more information about alexithymia).

Early detection of severe alexithymia, as well as the knowledge of the specific deficit structure that each case presents, is of great importance in the therapeutic process, since the degraded emotional functioning of people with alexithymia means that they don’t respond well to many emotion-based psychotherapy techniques .

Also, having technological tools that help us train the recognition and identification of emotions , between therapy sessions, can significantly accelerate the progress of the therapeutic process.

Some solutions of the prolexitim family are:

  • prolexitim® detector: Automatic detection of the degree of alexithymia using advanced language analysis, without the need for self-report (see demo).
  • prolexitim® mirror: Training / game with feedback of the facial expression of emotion using a virtual mirror (see demo).
  • prolexitim® TAS-20: Online test with 20 questions to estimate the level of alexithymia using self-report (take the test).

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