Research Labs

Cognitive & Affective Modeling

List of current projects:

Emotion RecognitionHow am I feeling?

Virtual mirror with own facial expression feedback.
Automatic description of emotional facial expression.
Emotion decoding training for improved awareness
of one’s own emotion. To be included in treatment
programs for alexithymia and related disorders.

Research line: cognitive modeling / emotion decoding
Theoretical basis: Alexithymia, Emotional Facial Expressions (EFE)
Scientific context: Grynberg et al., 2012
Expected outcome: working component for virtual therapeutic games
Current state: training facial analysis deep neural networks
SW platform:
 TensorFlow, Android
PI: Raúl Arrabales
Researchers: Brian David Peña, Raúl Arrabales
Code: private, Virtual Caregiver Subproject

Anxiety and Depression in Language

Automatic recognition of psychological distress in speech and text.

Research line: cognitive modeling / emotion decoding
Theoretical basis: Emotion expression in language
Scientific context: SimSensei
Expected outcome: good accuracy in anxiety and depression detection from language
Current state: training language processing deep neural networks
SW platform:
PI: Raúl Arrabales
Researchers: Mercy Falconí, Raúl Arrabales
Code: private, Virtual Caregiver Subproject

neuronsPlasticity in Cognitive Architectures

Imitating neuroplasticity in artificial cognitive architectures. Training-based self-adaptation in
Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BlCA)

Research line: cognitive modeling / artificial cognitive architectures
Theoretical basis: Neuroplasticity
Empirical evidence: Dragansky et al., 2004;
Expected outcome: new mechanisms for architectural self-adaptation in BICA
Current state: testing functional self-adaptation based in GA
SW platform:
PI: Raúl Arrabales
Code: N/A

Robotic Pets for Emotional Attachment
Evaluation And Social Interaction Training

We are evaluating new available robotics platforms, like the Sony Aibo ERS-1000 to be the physical interaction channel for multiple affective evaluation and training programs.

Research line: cognitive modeling / emotion decoding and expression
Theoretical basis: Social interaction with robotic pets
Scientific context: Weiss et al., 2009
Expected outcome: working robotic pet for therapeutic games
Current state: robotic platform assessment and testing
HW/SW platform:
 Sony Aibo ERS-1000
PI: Raúl Arrabales
Code: private

Other research projects are currently in stealth mode, please contact us for more details.